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Summer Flies By so Fast!

August 2023

It is not long since my last blog, so this is just a brief note, and especially for those of you who have not been dancing over the summer, I thought you might appreciate some news.

In my last blog, news about the BBC Scotland radio programme "Take the Floor" featured quite prominently, and many of you will by now have heard of the passing of the inimitable Robbie Shepherd, who was in charge of the progamme for 35 years, and passed away recently add the age of 88. His distinctive Doric voice was always a pleasure to hear, and he did a lot to promote Scottish dancing and Scottish music. Take the Floor re-broadcast a programme which celebrated his 70th birthday, and features interview with Robbie and various friends. There was also, of course, a new programme, featuring interviews with people who knew him reflecting on his contribution to Scottish dance, and of course featuring a great selection of music, including some of Robbie's own recordings of Bothy Ballads. Here is a link to the latest episodes, including these 2, but they will start to disappear! - you have 10 days left to listen to the broadcast celebrating Robbie Shepherd's 70th birthday.

St. Andrews

As usual, I attended the RSCDS Summer School in St Andrews, and this year as well as the usual dancing and classes, there were also some some special celebrations of the RSCDS Centenary, including a concert at the Byre Theatre, featuring RSCDS Musicians, which had some very entertaining moments, you may recognise Muriel Johnstone, Angela Young and Luke Brady amongst them:

You might enjoy these videos, taken at the Saturday night dance in the Younger Hall, with all the musicians playing. You might also recognise some of the dancers! The first video is of the dance Orpington Caledonians, and the second is Clutha:

Here is a video of a dance that is not on programmes so often these days, but which used to be a great favourite, the Glasgow Highlanders:

And just to finish off and prove that life is not all Scottish Country Dancing, here is a photo of the new "Georgettes of Oxford", performing a Regency Dance at Claydon House in Buckinghamshire:

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